Once a ring bearer always a ring bearer

Chad younger brother was married two weeks ago and they had asked that Gavin be in the wedding party as the ring bearer. He did a super cute job. I like weddings, but I love weddings when I get to watch my stellar five year old participate.

Gavin was the only person up there that wasn't either getting married or marrying someone.

Gavin wasn't paying attention when they asked for the rings so Cam helped him and Gav just did his signature eye roll and head shake. I think he might have been a little embarrassed .

All in all it was a good wedding and if anyone is in need of a ring bearer in the future just all us we even have a pillow you can use.

2 organic thoughts:

Melissa & Cameron said...

Gavin was the best ring bearer ever! He was so cute! Especially when he did his signature eye roll and shake of the head! I'm so glad he agreed to be the ring bearer! I hope he enjoyed it! Everyone commented on how cute he was and what a great job he did! Thanks for supporting us guys! We love you!

Aubree said...

That is so cute!! What a little stud. I can't wait for Thomas to grow up... but, then again maybe I can.