God Bless America

We kicked off the Holiday a day early. We headed to Adventureland Park to get our fish on, only the fish were no where to be found.

You can tell Gav was super excited to not catch a fish

Can anyone say Huck Finn? Yes that is a stick he is trying to fish with.

Onto the Real Holiday

We started the day off by of course hitting the Parade

Seriously who doesn't love parades? I am right?

This is a bad picture but the highlight for me was seeing Immaculee Ilibagiza riding in the parade.

Following the Parade we did what every other red, white and blue blooded American does


We like so many others went to a park.

Swings CHECK!

Monkey Bars CHECK!


We topped off the day with a hardy helping of fireworks. I prefer to sit on the steps of the Marriott Center to watch the Stadium of Fire Show.

By this time of day getting the kids to take a pic is ridiculous

I love to take pictures of fireworks

I know this picture is kinds dark but I didn't want to use the flash it ruins the effect. Milo loved the show. And apparently from the picture so did Chad.

This is my Grand Finale I LOVE this picture.

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