ode to annie

I didn't have a chance to do this on her Birthday so I wanted to do it now. Sorry it is a day late.

Once upon a time I met this girl, and she became as close to me as a sister. I heard it once said that God puts people in your path of life always for a reason. I truly know that Annie was placed in my life that way. She is super fun, easy to talk to and be honsest with. She is never caddy, is always a good friend, a great mom and yes folks she was even a Utah Jazz Dancer. I am super glad that we became friends and that even years down the road we will still be that way. Happy Birthday!

2 organic thoughts:

Andrea said...

I love your face. You make me want to cry. I love you.

¡emily frame! said...

time out. i take it back, brady DOES look like annie. i just needed to see her with a pumpkin-pie haircut to see the resemblance.