Ask for Steve

Awesome idea, ride Le Bus to Wendover so you can gamble all your change.

I don't really know how this little holiday got started, nevertheless it got started, originally we had all planned to ride Le Bus, we thought it would be memorable and hysterical. We ended up riding down in Le GMC Acadia, turns out just as memorable and hysterical. I have to say for the record this isn't one of those trips you put in your Christmas card or even mention in casual conversation, but it is definitely one I will be glad forever that we did.

We stopped at Metaphor: the Tree of Utah, licked the Salt Flats (haven't you always wondered) and were on our way.

We pulled up to the luxurious Motel 6 walked into our spacious 9x15 ft room, dumped our stuff and were off to the Buffet. Little hint if you are ever in Wendover go to the Rainbow Casino and ask for Steve in the Poker room, that's all I can say. After Steve and the buffet we hit the tables, well some hit the tables and some hit video blackjack. Approx. one hour later we lost all our money and had to find something else to do.

After a run in with Gods Pottery, we ended our night back at our hotel room of wonder. That pretty much sums things up, take it from me when your friend says "Hey, lets go to Wendover!" Tell them that all you get from Wendover is raped of all your money and stinky hair!

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