I thought a little behind the scenes sneaky peak was in order.

This is what is left over from two artists when they are busy whipping out some pretty awesome stuff {if I do say so myself}

Even our sweeties got some action. We had them tag all the items. They were troopers even though cutting is not their thing.

When we were all done last night we had a huge pile of lovelies.

I know now you are so excited about coming tonight you can't contain it. All in a days work.

So don't forget, come out tonight and support the beehive bazaar...or Friday or Saturday.



Coming Attraction

So I am going to do a giveaway. The reason I am posting about the giveaway before I actually do the giveaway is I am not sure I have enough people checking out the blog to do a giveaway. So I just wanted to give a heads up and also if see if there is actually people out there.


Gavin wanted to put together a Lego set he got for his birthday. So I sat down with him to help, but instead I end up watching him fascinated that here he is this little 6 year old, following the instructions and building this boat or ship or car or whatever it is. There were a few times he got hung up and I wanted to just show him what he needed to do, but I just sat and waited while he figured it out. You might be wondering why I am so intrigued by this. Two reasons 1- I love that Lego's teach boys to read instructions. I am wondering if this future generation will be able to build things without having to start over or call their wives in to read them the instructions. It is a long shot I know and some things will never change but I like to think that what I am letting Gavin learn now will help him sometime in the future. Reason 2- which I have to admit is purely self indulgent. I love watching my kids do things. I recorded the first 4 years of Gavin's life, because I have always been so intrigued with what he is doing. Please let me know if anyone else does this.



So now that I can not count the weeks but the days till Beehive Bazaar I am getting just a wee bit tense. I am not stressed yet and I am most creative under pressure so I have that going for me, but seriously I can't believe there are only a mere 5 days left. Maybe I should take my own advise and go bake something. Any other ideas?


I don't want to grow up

I hate taking my kids to the movie because it takes that fun out of it for me after you shell out money for the tickets and for popcorn {which I still have not found a way to sneak in}. So this is my solution. Let the kids build there own movie theater with the cushions from the couch and some blankets, pop some popcorn turn off the lights and watch a movie of their choice.

Gavin turned 6 on Wednesday I am so sad to have a 6 year old. where does the time go, I remember when he was just a baby and I rocked him to sleep every night. I digress...Back to the party Gavin wanted a laser tag party, but when the guest list was about 18 kids strong we opted for plan b. Tell everyone to bring a dart gun and have a dart gun tournament in the gym of the Church {yes you can use the church for personal use if you call and schedule it}

What a better way to end your birthday than at Chili's for endless chocolate milk, chips and salsa and a birthday shake.


Quirk... I think so

I was organizing some pics on my computer and I realized I have tons of gavin's head that are all self portaits. I now have a file for all of these humdingers called :gav's face: I thought I would share a few.

I am telling you this is the funniest kid you will ever meet.


so many

First of all I know I should have announced already that you will be seeing yours truly at Beehive Bazaar. We have been concocting many a thing for this show and you will not be let down.

Next I would like to turn you all onto this baby...

Our grandmothers and great aunts have it right. Mu mu's are by far the most flowy, silky and comfortable thing to wear. If you knock on my door anytime before 12:00 this is what you will see.

Lastly a little story...

7 years ago I watched a scene from an up and coming broadway musical not yet opened. It totally changed me and I have never forgotten it. Fast forward to yesterday where I finally got to see the entire show...

I went with my sisters Celeste, Tiffani and my brother.in.law Chris.

The show was spectacular, I even teared up due to the awesomeness. After the show we slipped out to the stage door and met up with the actors.



I am so glad I got to go, I overheard some ladies who sat next to me saying that this was their third time seeing Wicked and this cast was the best by far. I have not seen it anywhere else but I have to concur.



So I did a little research and you can fly to only a few places for the $50 but you still can fly to a bunch of placed for $100 and that is still pretty cheap for tickets. So I ask again for you all to give me ideas. No rain on my parade just some good ideas. thanks love ya


go where you want to go

A friend told me about a little promo southwest airlines is doing right now. If you buy your tickets this week you can fly thru the summer anywhere in the Continental US for $50 one way! I have decided that even though money is shall we say tight, Chad and I need a vay-kay so bad. So I have one week to decide where we should go. I want you all to tell me your thoughts, I want somewhere unexpected so no San Diego or Vegas. And if I pick your spot I will bring you back a souvey.