So I did a little research and you can fly to only a few places for the $50 but you still can fly to a bunch of placed for $100 and that is still pretty cheap for tickets. So I ask again for you all to give me ideas. No rain on my parade just some good ideas. thanks love ya

3 organic thoughts:

mckenna said...

Baltimore for $99 one way with Southwest. You can do the Harbor there, Gettysburg just a short ways away, as well as DC just a short ways away. I lived out there twice so if you decide to go there, I have PLENTY of suggestions for you!! Or you can fly in to Baltimore, stay in DC (about an hour away) and do all the DC stuff plus there's a TON in Virginia. Oh! Monticello!! LOVE it!!

Aubree said...

Go to Florida! I love florida, is that on the cheap list?

Colby and Becca said...

I say New Orleans.  You could go and see all the stuff they have had to redo.  Or pick the furthest place and go there even if it sounds dumb, you might be suprised.  Oh please oh please pick me.  I could really use a souviner.