go where you want to go

A friend told me about a little promo southwest airlines is doing right now. If you buy your tickets this week you can fly thru the summer anywhere in the Continental US for $50 one way! I have decided that even though money is shall we say tight, Chad and I need a vay-kay so bad. So I have one week to decide where we should go. I want you all to tell me your thoughts, I want somewhere unexpected so no San Diego or Vegas. And if I pick your spot I will bring you back a souvey.

3 organic thoughts:

Colett (*.*) said...

After reading this I immediately went to their website to book a flight somewhere, guess what? Sneaky Southwest Airlines, it's not $50 anywhere, it's only select cities. Most are 70$-99$ one way, unless you know of a different secret link?

Aubree said...

yeah, I looked too. All the flights I were interested in were like 170 dollars one way.

Nikki & Hal said...

I think you should go to Boston or New York City!