A few things

My darling class celebrated by un-birthday on Friday. Yea for un-birthdays.

Gavin finished up his first basketball camp. I know already that I am gonna be "that mom"

my two favorite parts in this clip are first when he points to chad after making the shot because what you can't hear him say to chad is "I am schooling these guys" and then second when he comes down he cleans the bottom of his shoes, just like the big boys. We are in trouble.

Milo now gets his own drinks of water.

And gavin asked me if he could add sugar to his cereal. He did not tell me however that he had not intention of putting milk in the bowl at all. {yes all the white you see is sugar not milk.}\

3 organic thoughts:

Nikki & Hal said...

Happy un-birthday! I love your family, Gavin and Milo crack me up!

em ♥ russ said...

where's bryce. and how'd you get him to smile without a candy bar?

mckenna said...

Ha ha ha!! Love that bowl of cereal!