hump day

An eventful week I must say.

- Gavin finally decided that it was time to master a bike with NO training wheels.
- Also for some random reason his first baby tooth decided to fly the coup. Chad wanted Gav to pull it our himself but when that didn't work the master had to step in and I had to pull it out.

So now #1 is minus one tooth

- Culture Club was again a wonderful event. I ate Indian food for the first time and found out that even though I have hated it all my life, curry is really rather good, and I don't like lamb at all. Also we brushed up on our Hebrew and Yiddish by watching a foreign film about two people who keep two escaped convicts as guests just so they can get prego. {aside from my synopsis it was good}

- Spring Into This is tomorrow night and I have almost half of the things I need to do done, so that should make for a late night tonight. Yea!!

- Milo climbed out of his crib twice and so last night Chad had to take off one side and turn his crib into a bed so he would not fall when climbing out.. When Chad went to check on him he found this...

I guess he was climbing out so he could sleep on the floor.

Chad put him back in bed and when I got home I found this...And when I saw my baby sleeping in a bed rather than the crib I would like him to be in I did this...

I guess chad thought that taking a picture of me crying about the situation would be a good thing. Thank goodness he followed it with a hug.

Not bad for it only being Wednesday. Maybe the rest of the week will hold my kids deciding that growing up is not fun and they will stop doing all these milestones at once. What are they trying to do make me baby hungry?

5 organic thoughts:

mckenna said...

Ha ha! Sounds like an exciting week!! Chad deserves some sort of severe punishment for that picture!! Mean! :)

valgal said...

I'm sure Carson will be trying to force a tooth out once he sees Gavin's is out. I can't believe Milo climbed out! I would have freaked out if he had done that on my watch last week!

Nikki & Hal said...

Yes! Please be baby hungry? :) Why do those boys have to grow up so fast. I need Milo to stay little for awhile so Madden has a buddy!

em ♥ russ said...

soon gavin will outgrow russ too.

Colby and Becca said...

That is so sweet...So when is the next one coming? Hey thanks again for putting together the boutique it was fun.