what to wear

With summer comes summer wardrobe and accessories...

I had a version of this watch in high school, it has my name all over it. Check out here for all the other colors you can choose from.

This military jacket is wonderful. It is light so you can wear it through the summer and I love it's understated design and the color!

And of the boys I just got these swim trunks for Gav and/or Milo {etsy sizes are always a gamble}


Signs of Summer?

The weather is starting to let on that summer is here {though the forecast for this weekend looks more like mid November} We have taken every ounce of semi-warm weather to do something spring-y

Starting with the garden, leave it to
plants and new bio-degradable pots to
feel more, earthy, granola & green

There is something very pioneerish
about your baby napping outside in the shade.
Adventureland Park for...
a hot dog roast &
some fishing.
A little contest in casting...
I took second...yes!
We couldn't have a post about summer without this...
You turn on the sprinkler and no one will run through it. Classic!
Turns out it is more fun to just grab the sprinkler and squirt everyone.

2 cousins + 1 towel = cute picture

Some people had so much fun they couldn't stay awake


date night

We went out with my sisters and brother-in-laws... oh yeah and Millie's date. We had a blast!

{if you want a fun and cheap date idea after dinner draw names and go the the dollar store, we have made it a ritual}

if the dollar store isn't your thing you could always go with plan B...

Pictionary anyone?

as you can see we brought the kids along

thanks dalin and elisse for hosting & also for taking Gavin for the night!

vicarious living

If I can't have a daughter to match with at least I have a neice. {thankfully her mother has instilled in her the importance of cute shoes}

dempsey's shoes are baby gap.


Spring Fever is in full swing at my house.
What better way to spend it than at the park?

cute grandparents?

double trouble 2

I have mentioned before that when Dempsey and Milo get together they are less like cousins and more like partners in crime. case in point. Gavin got out of the bathtub {and didn't drain the water} and when I went in to drain it this is what I saw this...

followed by this

moral of the story is, drain the tub!


you're invited

I have not posted in a week because it is that time again. Beehive Bazaar starts tomorrow night, so my little hands have been crafting away. We have some new stuff I am really excited about. Tomorrow night should be fun {aka band, food and meeting all the artists.} I hope to see you there! Come and say hi!