Signs of Summer?

The weather is starting to let on that summer is here {though the forecast for this weekend looks more like mid November} We have taken every ounce of semi-warm weather to do something spring-y

Starting with the garden, leave it to
plants and new bio-degradable pots to
feel more, earthy, granola & green

There is something very pioneerish
about your baby napping outside in the shade.
Adventureland Park for...
a hot dog roast &
some fishing.
A little contest in casting...
I took second...yes!
We couldn't have a post about summer without this...
You turn on the sprinkler and no one will run through it. Classic!
Turns out it is more fun to just grab the sprinkler and squirt everyone.

2 cousins + 1 towel = cute picture

Some people had so much fun they couldn't stay awake

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Tristan said...

I ran into Tiffani tonight at the movie theater! She is a cute preggers!