8 Things I am passionate about:
1- Chad
2- Gavin and Milo
3- BYU
4- Traditions with my family
5- Halloween
6- My Testimony
7- Music
8-Vintage Fashion

8 words/phrases I often say
1- I love you
2- I'm tired
3- Stop teasing
4- Baggo Magaw
5- What in heavens name are you doing?
6- I have cleaned up this house three times today
7- feed the dog and cat
8- Are you gonna get dressed today?

8 Things I want to do before I die-
1- Learn to play the drums
2- Ride a bull for real
3- Travel across country on a train
4- Travel to Europe on a boat
5- Take a roar trip on Route 66
6- Buy my dad a Lamborghini
7- Write a book
8- Live in Europe for a long time

8 Things I currently want or need
1- A Nap
2- A Cook
3- A Maid
4- The desire to work out
5- A Vaca with Chad
6- Tickets to Weezer
7- to update my fall wardrobe
8- to finish remodeling my kitchen

8 People I tag
1- IF
3- ARE
6- YOU
7- ARE

An Ode

I knew when I started posting birthdays somebody would fall through the cracks, I just didn't think it would be this terrific girl.

For pretty much my whole life anything fun, crazy or amazing that I ever experienced, Tiff was right there with me for it, When we were little we did everything together, we didn't play with friends we just played with each other. We have some fond memories of cruisin', 98degrees, and lots of shopping, she was even with my the first two times I met Chad. Tiff is the the most giving person I know, she is constantly looking for someone to help and serve. When I had my first miscarriage I received the biggest bouquet of flowers ever and the note said, "love your sisters" in her handwriting. I have a lot of sisters, which is great because I have one for every aspect of my life, they all fill my life with different things, but Tiffani especially holds a special place for me, probably because of everything we have done together, and as life goes on and is constantly changing the one thing that I know is she is always there. Happy Birthday last week, sorry I am late! I love you so much, you have given me the most perfect niece, wonderful hair, and a wonderful friend.


bagoo magaw-I love space-captain adam

Long story short we went to Disneyworld{best place ever!}
Long story long.... Keep reading
A member from Chad's mission and a dear angel hooked us up big time with two free days to DW, we wanted another day and we were feeling cheap so we decided to do a timeshare presentation to get the third day for free-by the way if you are planning to go to DW in the future this is a terrif way to get the hook up.

After 90-120 minutes we had our tickets.

Keep keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, coming up is a bunch of pics from DW.

The thing that made our trip extra magical was when we were given invitations to a special party after the park closed. We got to stay and ride the rides after everyone else left{along with some other people} and dance with the characters

Walt himself could not have planned a better trip, we did so many fun things and have some great stories, too many to post- but I will tell you what I learned from our trip:

1- putting toilet paper in your kids shoes will make them tall enough for all rides

2- you can hold up a fake plastic card as credentials so you don't have to pay for parking

3- you can pretend your sister is your wife to get extra free tickets

4- If you get mad at the ride attendants enough they will give you two rides in a row

5- Mickey is really a girl, and Minnie sometimes looses her eye balls

6- and lastly the frozen bananas look good but alas they are horrible

It was a freakin-fun-tastic trip, Yea for Chabbie Johanlaw!


Revenge of the Tag

4 random things I adore about my husband:
1. He cleans the house. I know some times this drives me nuts but sometimes it really is nice.

2. He is a great host when we have a party.
3. I completely adore his sarcastim even though some people don't appreciate it like I do.

4. The fact that he is really a little boy, I always tell people I have three kids.

4 movies I have watched more than once:



4 TV shows I watch:
1. Project Runway

2. Mad Men

3. Mighty B!
4. So you Think you can Dance

4 places I have been:
1. Philidelphia
2. Hawaii
3. Niagra Falls

4. Henderson, Tennessee

4 people I email regularly:
1. chad
2. Elisse
3. clients
4. how sad is it that I don't e-mail anybody else regularly
4 places I would like to visit:
1. Europe
2. Europe
3. Europe
4. Europe
4 things I look forward to in the coming year:
1. dressing up for Halloween
2. watching my kids open presents on Halloween

3. Summer- I hate snow!
4. vacationing somewhere warm
4 people that I tag:
1. Tiffani
2. Nikki
3. Melissa
4. Emily


be true to your school

I am joining the throngs by blogging about my child's first day of school. What make a better impression on the first day of school than tie-dye? Nothing I think.


one year older

At officially 9:54 Saturday Night Milo turned 1.

Of course we had a party.

We started off by doing a little tie-dye

They turned out tremendous. We grilled up some sliders- mini burgers if you will.

And of all the presents Milo opened his favorite was this singing Simpsons card he got from my his Great-Grandma everytime he opened it he would laugh and stick his head in the card.

We come to the finale of watching Milo eat his first birthday cake. The party was fun and I can't believe my baby is one.