I don't want to grow up

I hate taking my kids to the movie because it takes that fun out of it for me after you shell out money for the tickets and for popcorn {which I still have not found a way to sneak in}. So this is my solution. Let the kids build there own movie theater with the cushions from the couch and some blankets, pop some popcorn turn off the lights and watch a movie of their choice.

Gavin turned 6 on Wednesday I am so sad to have a 6 year old. where does the time go, I remember when he was just a baby and I rocked him to sleep every night. I digress...Back to the party Gavin wanted a laser tag party, but when the guest list was about 18 kids strong we opted for plan b. Tell everyone to bring a dart gun and have a dart gun tournament in the gym of the Church {yes you can use the church for personal use if you call and schedule it}

What a better way to end your birthday than at Chili's for endless chocolate milk, chips and salsa and a birthday shake.

4 organic thoughts:

mckenna said...

Aw!! So cute! Happy birthday, Gavin!! How do you have a freaking 6 year old?!

Aubree said...

How handsome are they!! I'm McKenna, I can't believe you have a six year old already!! Fun times.

Aubree said...

I meant, "I'm with Mckenna..."

Tiffani said...

I remember when Gav was a baby too, sad day. Cute little pudgey thing he was.