I thought a little behind the scenes sneaky peak was in order.

This is what is left over from two artists when they are busy whipping out some pretty awesome stuff {if I do say so myself}

Even our sweeties got some action. We had them tag all the items. They were troopers even though cutting is not their thing.

When we were all done last night we had a huge pile of lovelies.

I know now you are so excited about coming tonight you can't contain it. All in a days work.

So don't forget, come out tonight and support the beehive bazaar...or Friday or Saturday.


3 organic thoughts:

em ♥ russ said...

yes! i am stealing these.

mckenna said...

really, really, really wish i could come!!

Cameron and Melissa Johansson said...

I wish I could come too! Hope it goes well for you guys!