Gavin wanted to put together a Lego set he got for his birthday. So I sat down with him to help, but instead I end up watching him fascinated that here he is this little 6 year old, following the instructions and building this boat or ship or car or whatever it is. There were a few times he got hung up and I wanted to just show him what he needed to do, but I just sat and waited while he figured it out. You might be wondering why I am so intrigued by this. Two reasons 1- I love that Lego's teach boys to read instructions. I am wondering if this future generation will be able to build things without having to start over or call their wives in to read them the instructions. It is a long shot I know and some things will never change but I like to think that what I am letting Gavin learn now will help him sometime in the future. Reason 2- which I have to admit is purely self indulgent. I love watching my kids do things. I recorded the first 4 years of Gavin's life, because I have always been so intrigued with what he is doing. Please let me know if anyone else does this.

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mckenna said...

EVERY mother does this!! Our children are miniature geniuses. :) Everything they discover is fascinating and it's fascinating to watch them be so fascinated. :)