My Inner Oprah

I love these bowls from Ikea. They cost a dollar and I use them for everything, especially feeding the kids. I really am not a fan of kid dinnerware, for me its totally lame. That's why I love these smaller cute bowls. Everyone go and buy a dozen.
Also Walmart makes these great crackers. Next time you are there pick up a box of Sams Choice Salsa and Cream Cheese crackers. The first time I had these was at a holiday party I loved them so much I went around and asked everyone who brought them and where did they get them. Let me tell you I was amazed to learn that Wal-mart of all places was responsible for such a terrif snack. You won't believe me till you taste them but you can actually taste the cream cheese. So go get some and let me know what you think. I fully understand if you all hate them, maybe I am crazy.

1 organic thoughts:

nukaya said...

Me and mom want to try your terrif crackers, and we like your picture of the bowl. Love you.