Almost there

Not only are we counting down Christmas in our house we are counting down the arrival of family member #5. So what is normally a crazy time of year has turned into a astronomical undertaking. {I told chad that we will be celibate from March till April from now on so that I can make certain we don't have another Holiday baby}
I am amazed though at the stuff I have been able to crank out to get everything ready.
here are a few...

Christmas Cards...Check

Neighbour Gifts...Check

ikea dish towels and recipe cards printed here

Recover Bassinet...Check
Make #3 bedding...Check

Church outfits...checkyes my kids are wearing vintage bowties and yes I am wearing a hat from the 40's

Merry Christmas!

2 organic thoughts:

The Oylers said...

We are happy for you and for your new little arrival! Good luck with everything - looks like you are definitely ready! I love you!! Lauralyn

matchgirl said...

You have an ADORABLE family! I love your Christmas card pics. Hope you don't mind me "blog stalking" you.