Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

I meant to Post this two weeks ago...

We took to Chuck E. Cheese for Birthday #5

CEC is nice because they stamp every kid and parent and won't let anyone leave unless the stamps match, so you can let you kid run free and don't really have to worry about losing him.

We usually give the kids all there tokens at the beginning and let them play some games until the parents are done eating, but before we were even done the kids had used all there tokens, so we bought more, I hadn't even played my favorite game yet. Yes, I do have a favorite game at CEC I never can remember the name but you have a certain amount of time to run your finger through a maze SO ADDICTING!!!

After the tokens were all used up we put Milo on a few rides and headed to the prize counter. Nothing like spending $50 in tokens to buy a gumball machine and some plastic darts. Money well spent

3 organic thoughts:

Tristan said...

Really cute pic of Milo!

mckenna said...

Love Chuck E Cheese's! I always steal my sisters token and play ski ball and this one game over and over until I have a billion tickets for them. I think I will never grow up.

Nikki & Hal said...

I love these pictures! Gavin looks so bored in the picture w/ Chuck haha. PS I love the poo story below.