ponytails, tights and a thank you

I feel like celebrating today! I have three good reasons to. 
(vintage dress : the flea // belt-thrifted // shoes-Mossimo for Target // headband-Clemmie Sue // Tights-Gal Stern)

1. Bijou Market was over the weekend and it was such a success! The backaches, tired feet, a run in with a homeless man and not eating until 4:30 in the afternoon were so worth it. It is so fun to see so many people coming together to support local artists and crafters. A big thank you goes out to everyone that came by, said "hi" and made this Bijou the most successful ever!

2. One of the MANY things I bought at Bijou Market was these wonderful tights by Gal Stern for Mineral and Matter. It is taking everything inside me to not wear these everyday this week. If you are loving them as much as I do click here to see more, check out the purple and teal ones too. 

3. After going back and forth a million times I decided a couple of months ago to start the long haul of growing my hair out and I am happy to say that yesterday I wore a ponytail for the first time in almost two years. Understand that I use the term "ponytail" in a very loose sense as you can see by the picture but it is a ponytail. 

Check back as I will be posting about all the great stuff I got from the Bij. 
Happy Monday!

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teacakemake said...

Those tights are awesome!