Easter Weekend

If I could vote it would be that Easter NOT fall on conference weekend{I like to enjoy each one separately}. As I am sure with all of you, this weekend was nuts, but also a blast! This post is all Saturday {Sunday will be in another post}

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Hebberts
I love, love this picture of these two
we made buckets a la modge podge
Visiting Millie at work also on ladies night
{G told me we have to call LN something else cause he is not a lady}
{at 10 pm of course}
My eggs look like M&M's thanks to her
That is G's tough face
And that is M's embarrassed face

2 organic thoughts:

mckenna said...

Ca-UTE boys! Happy Easter!

Gibb Family said...

Those are way cute eggs and cute boys!