When we told my Aunt that we were naming our second child Milo, she told us that on the eastern side of the world where she lives everyone drinks Milo, fast forward two years later when she came for a visit and the sweetheart that she is brought Milo some Milo.

Milo especially liked eating the Milo candy bar.

I don't do Birthday posts anymore because I have to many family members and I can't keep up but I did want to tell everyone that my darling sister Celeste is officially 16 today!!! And as a side note she already has two dates lined up for this weekend.

Another thing- If you are like me, you now are locked in to a nine year subscription to LUCKY due to the fact that all your favorite magazines shut down and they have transferred your subscription.
I have to say I was really liking last months fashion spread.

There is nothing I hate more than seeing a spread you LOVE and realizing you will have to go shopping to achieve any one look. I love when I can shop from my closet!
Seriously I think everyone can pull off these classic looks! See the full layout here.

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