Some people call it dramatic, some call it intense but I call it passionate; and to say this kid is passionate is an understatement.

{the only way I could get him to wear that sweater was to take a picture of him}

We are sitting at In & Out one night eating and Gavin is sitting across from me DEVOURING his burger, complete with eye rolls, noises and rocking back and forth. The dialog was as follows...
Gavin: {in a loud overly excited voice}This is the best Hamburger I have ever had in my entire life!
Me and Chad: Good, now just eat
Gavin: This is so good I just want to stand on my chair and tell everyone how good this is!
Me and Chad: No Gav, you don't need to to that, sit down.
Gavin: This is so good I want to pay someone!
Me and Chad: We already did pay someone when we bought it
Gavin: No, this is so good I want to give someone a tip, someone who works here should get a tip for making this hamburger!
Me and Chad: {no dialog, just silence and an exchange of awkward and confused glances}
It is nice to have someone in the family who enjoys life as much as I do!

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