belated valentines

I had every intention of hopping on and posting for St. Valentines Day. Why was I thinking I would have time for that? So here is my thoughts a week (or two) late.

Chad is my biggest fan, he thinks I am better than I really am, funnier, prettier, smarter, and more saintly than I really am as well. He knows my strengths better than I do, and he overlooks my weaknesses more than I do to. He helps me bring out my inner six year old at least once a day. And always know just the right thing to do or say to me at any given time. Don't get me wrong sometimes we have our little arguments too, but Chad is really good at apologies & working out problems.

I have had a very stressful two weeks and Chad has only consoled, comforted, and built me up. Not once did he tell me to relax or to stop stressing, he simply let me be in the moment with my thoughts and feelings and stayed by my side. I know that everyone thinks they got lucky when they married there partner, but I don't think I just got lucky. I think my Heavenly Father knew what kind of person would help me be the best me and sent me on the path to find Chad. I couldn't be the best me without him. The thing that I love best about Chad is that he lets me be what I want. Regardless.

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Emily Frame said...

a good man, that chad.