My BYU pride runs as deep as the south. Lately I have been feeling like something is missing, after taking a quick life assessment I realized that I have not been to a BYU basketball game since last year. So today Chad and I are off to the Marriott Center. Look for me I will be standing next to the guy that is holding a sign saying, "I got Jimmered!" I hope everyone has a great weekend.

a little p.s.

Bijou Market is opening up in Arizona, we are looking for the best handmade crafters out there to sell to our oh so loyal customers in the AZ. If you know of anyone, send them our way!

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Brian and Katie said...

You are going to AZ! You should bring Bijou to Vegas! It would be great, lots of crafters here! By the way, it was good to see you at the game! Too bad UNLV lost! ;)