back to school, back to school

I forget how much I like this time of year. I remember when I was little and school clothes shopping was the highlight of the end of summer. My Mom and Grandma would take me and my sisters up to Salt Lake and we would shop all day long. We would buy our shoes at what I thought was a very fancy shoe store {fancy because a man came and measured your foot then went into the back to get the shoe you had selected.} we would eat lunch at the deli in the basement of ZCMI. It was always a magical day with of course a final stop at everyone's favorite VF Factory outlet with more jeans than the eye can see. Now I am finding that I love this time of year even more than when I was little because I get to take my own kids school clothes shopping. Here is a taste of what Gavin and I will be deciding on... {and yes gavin and I discuss each piece of clothing, he has quite the distinctive taste.}

I have been a fan of the button up cardigan for a while now but I love how this one is very casual and everyday.

Gavin loves to wear button ups with rolled up sleeves on a daily basis, and this one is perfect.

This Military Jacket is a must and already on its way to my house.

Gavin's favorite thing is a vest he adds them to EVERY outfit.

These boots are great for boys because they can wear them to school and then on Sunday to church.

3 organic thoughts:

em ♥ muffin said...

gav is so stylin'... way more than a 6 year old should be. pretty sure i wore t-shirt nightgowns all day everyday

Nikki & Hal said...

He's going to be the biggest stud in his class!

US said...

Looks like Gav will be a styin Kindygartener. Like usual.