A Wedding

I want to say Congrats to Sharlene and Paul for the nuptials on the 16th. It is so comforting to see someone find true happiness . Welcome to the family Paul.

We just returned from Lake Powell...

We had a blast and it won't be too soon if I never see a raven or hear Hot and Cold by Katy Perry ever again.

Right after we got back it was time for me to celebrate turning 26!

What better way to celebrate than the Zoo
No trip to the Zoo is complete without the train ride

Or one of these pics

The cougar and I share the same birthday coincidence? I think not.

Then cake and ice cream
How do you gracefully bow out candles?

The watching Gidget on the projector.

3 organic thoughts:

The Oylers said...

Happy HAPPY birthday Rashelle!! I love the pictures of your two cute little guys! love Lauralyn

Aubree said...

Happy Birthday Rashelle!! I was thinking of you on Saturday. I still have your birthday written down on my calender. Love ya! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Ralph and Paula said...

Happy Birthday - I remember when you were born - I went to girls camp that week and the songs "Walk Tall" took on a whole new meaning for me!