Two things

I don't know how many of you do a garden but I have to say that every year I get a total thrill when the plants become fruit. I have no green thumb whatsoever but I still love it. This year has been a struggle but I was so excited when I went out today and found these waiting for me.

To date we have received from our garden as follows

6 Strawberries

1 Bell Pepper

4 carrots

8 Radishes

I know that on a scale of plentiful gardens ours is on the lame side. But I am still proud, also I still have one tomato plant that has to do something.


Tomorrow is Chick-fil-a's annual dress like a cow and get a free meal day. I know that this sounds so stupid, but Tiff and I did it last year and I was a lot of laughs and worth the two minutes of feeling kinda idiotic to get a free meal, also you can dress the kids up too and they get a free meal as well. It isn't hard we drew black circles on post-it's and stuck them to ourselves and then took them off as soon as we ordered. You can go to Chick-fil-a's website here to print templates of cow masks to wear. So call up your girlfriends and go get a free lunch on Chick-fil-a.

3 organic thoughts:

Colett (*.*) said...

I love love love chick-fil-a, i would do alot worse for some a 6 piece chicken strip meal.

em ♥ muffin said...

cant wait to see your get-ups. hopefully you stepped up to the plate and did a full on fur costume...

The Oylers said...

You are one in a million and I love you! Your carrots look great! love Lauralyn