turning 8

We have had pirate parties, swimming parties, wiggles parties, dart gun parties, skating parties, and oh so many other parties, this year Gavin wanted to have a Dodgeball party. Let me tell you coming from one that has overseen many a party that this is the EASIEST party to have EVER!!

Step 1- Reserve your local church or recreation center

Step 2- Purchase or borrow 5-10 dodgeballs

Step 3- Purchase every kid a water bottle to use at the party {also doubles as a take home gift}

Step 4- Fill a water cooler with Gatorade to keep the little kiddos hydrated

That's it. The kids loved it and even Chad and I got in the action. We did donuts and root beer ice cream bars {Gav's favorite} after the dodgeball was over. Super easy, super fun and most definitely on the cheap side.

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