I like to measure growth not by weeks but by accomplishments.

August is now too big to be bathed in the kitchen sink (does anyone else do this?) and so he has graduated to laying in about two inches of water and kicking around to his hearts delight.

He also has started my favorite mannerism...SMILING!!

Milo is all about dressing himself right now, not once a day roughly nine times a day. Every outfit is a creation. Apparently backwards is really in right now.

Gavin FINALLY has one of his two front teeth growing in. I was starting to believe they didn't exist, and he would be toothless forever.

3 organic thoughts:

Emily Frame said...


1. august looks just like milo in that smilo pic.
2. milo is hands down the quirkiest kid i've ever known, and i know gavin, so that says a lot.
3. blessed day that gavin has a tooth again!

The Other Oyler's said...

August is SO cute. I love that smile! Almost as cute as Gavin's haha.

Nikki & Hal said...

Aug Daug (haha, I think that was clever) is looking more and more like Chad! Those 3 boys are too cute for words.