I will never and I will always

The truth...

1-I will never be the mom that spends hours on decorating treats for my kids class.
2-I will never be good at taking prenatal vitamins or finishing a prescription or taking it when I am supposed to.
3- I won't ever have kids that sit quietly during the entire sacrament meeting. (I will keep trying though)
4- I will never let chad stiff a waiter no matter how bad the service is.
5- I will never let anyone come before me, after all if I am not 100% how can I help anyone else be.

1- I will always tell my husband and my kids I love them every time they walk out the door, even if they are just going to the neighbours.
2- I will always color my hair. (No I am not a natural blonde...anymore.)
3- I will always take an opportunity for a Sunday nap...(unless it is Chad's turn.)
4- I will always give you my opinion.
5- I will always listen to the advice of people and then make my own choice.

This is a tag and so the 5 people I choose are...drum roll
5- cricket

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mik said...


Colett (*.*) said...

I like this one, it's gonna take some thought, I'll get to it though.

Aubree said...

I loved reading these things about you!