another weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had one of those that was so eventful I need another weekend to relax from it. To start I attended my friends wonderful Recessionista party. I still don't fully fit into my regular clothes so it was nice to pick up some "in between" stuff. I also bought this print that will hang in my kitchen. (for the record I am not a fan on prints about cooking in the kitchen, so cliche but it a french clown is involved I am all for it.)
The next night I headed out with four other gals looking for a little culture. We found it by way of Guru's and the International Cinema at BYU.
Having not reached my fill Chad and I toted the three boys to a Jazz game. Which was fun but not as fun as it could have been considering the fact that we chose to take all three boys. (I can't complain, all three did really well, and you have to start them young, right?)
I have to say while this was an eventful and fun weekend, it did make me thankful for the weekends that all I do is hang around the house.

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