drum beats

Milo's counting is as random as he is. When he counts backwards it is right on. When he counts up it sounds like this...1,4, So I have been trying in vain to get him to count objects. We have started simple and just been counting two objects. I have done this a bunch with him and every time it's as though because I earnestly want him to do it we simply won't. {much like going the bathroom into the toilet} Fast forward to the other night after I had put Milo back into his bed for the umpteenth time and finally given up so he came and sat by me on the couch . I was doing everything I could to ignore him so he would get bored and fall asleep, but then all the sudden he picked up August's two pacifiers and said "Look mom, two binki's.. one, two" He knew just the thing to get my attention. As glad as I am that he as now mastered counting two things it makes me crazy that he only does it on his time. I have said before though that I wanted children that march to the beat of their own drums.

p.s. as a side note and personal accomplishment, after only my second time swimming after having the baby I am back up to my regular laps. I thought it was going to take me awhile.

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