room with a view

I finally finished G & M's room.
I wanted something that felt comfortable to a 2 yr old, something that my almost 7 yr old liked, and of course something that was my taste. Here it is...

Remember this, I was happy with how it turned out. I had to have the railing and ladder made.

Pictures are from here. Desk is vintage. Table is from IKEA and chairs are vintage. Coat rack I bought at last years this. Bulletin board I made.
I couldn't find a bookshelf I loved, so I hung a bunch of shelves instead.

2 organic thoughts:

The Oylers said...

I like the room! Where do you get your energy and could I have some? I cannot get up enough umph to paint a second coat on the guest bathroom - it's only been let's see how long? can't remember... and I love to paint! Oh well, I think you are amazing to tackle three boys and decorating too!

mckenna said...

Love how it turned out!! I really love the colors you chose.