sweet dreams

Milo has NEVER been a good sleeper. the longest nap he would take as an infant was 20 mins and after we had his tonsils and adenoids removed we thought that would fix it. On average he falls asleep around 12:00 midnight every night with several stirrings throughout the night for drinks and such. So after much frustration, and several episodes of Supernanny I decided to switch tactics. the method used by Supernanny took a 4yr old who hit, kicked and swore at his mom 1hr to fall asleep the first night. How it works is after they get out of bed you pick them up, without looking at them or talking to them and out them into bed. Easy enough, I thought this plan would have Milo to sleep 30 mins after I first told him goodnight seeing as the kid on the show was a terror and Milo just doesn't want to go to bed. BOY WAS I WRONG! 2 hrs and 12 mins later he FINALLY was asleep... up in Gavin's bed.
Hopefully tonight will go a little smoother, I am taking the boys to classic skating tonight so maybe it will wear him out a little. Fingers crossed.

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