As you can see from the picture, little lo is crawling now. What happened I swear we just brought him home from the hospital. It makes me sad that life goes by this fast. I can't use the excuse that I just had a baby for very much longer. Milo is super cute though, for the past few weeks he has been really grumpy and I think its been because he was so close to crawling but just not quite there so he would get frustrated, so I am glad now that at least he can be happy. As for me, well my freedom is GONE! You will find me tomorrow at Target to get one of those gate things. Oh well, such is life.

2 organic thoughts:

Aubree said...

I love that you have a blog!! The little man is growing up so fast. He's darling.

emily frame !!! said...

here you are! i can't believe milo is crawling... and i am still waiting to hear back from my mom on that water.