First Sign of Spring

We have the coolest trees in our yard. Two of them are some sort of berry producing tree that birds come from all over to eat. And the other two are curly willow trees. People are always stopping at my house and pulling off branches to use for decoration. We have a bunch of aspen trees that I am not a fan of and some ugly pine trees too, but since I don't like them I don't count them. Anyways, I was outside yesterday watching Gavin play football and noticed that teeny tiny leaves are growing on the trees. I am so excited. Finally, some sign of spring. I am so sick of this weather it makes me want to vomit. I am a summer person. If Chad would move, I would be somewhere that never got below 70 degrees. I can't wait for the trees to blossom. The berry trees get huge pink blossoms. I love that tree so much I took photographs of every season for a year and then blew them up and put them on my wall. I might take that tree with me when we move someday.

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Tristan said...

That is why I live in California! ;) The weather is pretty consistant around here! Oh and there is always something to do!