I am laying in bed this morning, Chad I guess has left for work and Milo is still asleep. As I am in and out of dreaming I can hear the TV on so I sense Gav is awake, a little while later Gavin comes in kind of crying, and he says "Mama Jeffery pooped on the floor and I tried to pick it up but it touched my hand so now I can't, will you come and pick it up." I told him no, and that it was his dog he needed to learn what it meant to help take care of Jeffery. So then the floodgates were opened and the high screechy cry he does that sounds like a girl. I said "what is the problem it is just a little piece of poop. Then still in his hisarical schreechy voice he said, It's gonna make me throw up. I then explained to him that you don't pick it up with your bare hand you get some toilet tissue and pick it up with that, he got even more histarical and started "I know but I am still gonna throw up." Trying not to laught I went in with him to the scene of the crime and saw two, count them two pieces of poop that were each one inch in length. I was going "Gav this is silly, you can do this'" All he could do is cry out "this is too disgusting, you are gonna make me throw up." Finally, through all my laughing I had to foceablly hold his hand over the tissue where underneath lay the two suspects and pick it up together, I am not kidding you had to have thought I was making him pick up a ball of death of something. It was funny for me and I think terrifing for him, hopefully I have not damaged him to much.

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emily frame !!! said...

this is hilarious. i wish you had it on video!