Putting babies to sleep

I don't know if anyone else has ever felt like I do. Most of the time I am happy to put my kids to bed because it has been a long day and I need some "me time". But then there are times like tonight, that I really don't want to let my kids fall to sleep. I just want them to stay little, I remeber a quote from Finding Neverland that said "young boys should never be sent to bed... they always wake up a day older". Tonight I felt very sad about my two sweet boys getting older, the thought of not always singing to them at night and tucking them in. My children are my happy place. Even though I know that the day will come for my mothering to change face, I will be grateful for the special moments that I get with them now.

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Tristan said...

I know what ya mean! I am always begging my girls to stop growing! Neither one is listening to me though.