Adding another kid to the fam

Don't get any ideas, I am so not prego, but we did increase by one. His name is Jeffery and he is a Chihuahua, and I know what you are saying, "He doesn't look like a Chihuahua" but he is. His mom was like a fourth of some sort of terrier or something and so he is not purebred but he is so cute and tons of fun. He was a birthday present for Gavin, he turns five on Tuesday and the dog came a little early. I already said his name is Jeffery but let me tell you the other names he was before Jeffery. He started out at Debby, then it was Yoda, then Tutu and after Tutu was Aperbar, then came Kemper, then Jeffery, but after Jeffery I wanted to name him Devo, we also talked about Cougar, and Chad suggested Tito. I guess it is Jeffery, we told Gavin from the start he could name the dog and so even though Jeffery is not my fav I guess that is his name.

3 organic thoughts:

mckenna said...

Awww! He's cute! Is he the one you mentioned at lunch on Wednesday?

Aubree said...

You know how you feel about little rats... I mean dogs. But it is cute at this moment. And, I also want to know that I really like the name Jeffrey! Way to go Gavin. Happy Birthday on Tuesday.

Tristan said...

Cute dog! I am sure Gavin was overjoyed! Happy Birthday Gavin!