Milo's new Trick

Don't you love it when you go in to get your child out of the crib after a nap and unexpectedly you walk in to see them standing up and sucking on the rail for the first time. I remember when Gav did it and Milo just did it last week for the first time. So cute! His other new trick is clapping, he even does it on cue all you have to do is say "Mi, do patty cake"

2 organic thoughts:

mckenna said...

Fun! That's a DARLING picture of him! His face is too cute!

Mickel, Stephanie, and Kaiya Jane said...

Hey Rashelle, I saw that you had a blog on facebook and thought I'd check it out. Very cute. Your kids are adorable! Ours is www.mickelandstephanie.blogspot.com
Blogging is so much fun!