A working girl once again. I find myself with no time to blog at all. While I am at work I am reminded of things that I need to blog about, birthdays (which will be coming shortly) concerts, holidays, outings. As I don't have to time to write a post on each one. I offer you a play-by-play of my events over the past month.

First my little sister Savanna has decided to try her skill at the art of Viola, yes that is the same instrument I play, Let me tell you it was only a LITTLE weird to go to her recital and watch her play, and remembering myself 12 years ago.

Next, though I have been swimming every week for a while now, one of the gals in my group finally had the wonderful idea to bring a camera to document the outing.

The top picture is as follows left to right: Val, Collette, Me, Emily. bottom pic: Me, Val, Emily, Collette

Third and last for tonight. Thanksgiving was wonderful, my family ended the night by cramming 14 people into a Honda Accord Hatchback to look at the Spanish Fork Lights. Don't believe me here you go.

I would have to say these two got the best deal as far as seating was concerned.

I guess that about covers it. Until next time.

3 organic thoughts:

Davis Fam said...

Where are you working now? And did you also still want to plan "the Christmas party?" By the way I love the pictures of you all crammed into the car :)

journeytojohanssontown said...

I work at Cedar Ridge Elementary, I help teach the special ed kids there. They have a big program. Yeah we need to do something for the party, I will e-mail you.

Nikki & Hal said...

I love the picture of Milo...he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I'll probably post the big news tomorrow. I go into the dr so I'll call you and/or Chad.