Millie and Ken

Alright I knew this time of year was coming and I thought I would be more prepared but no.

From October 26th to November 12th we celebrate 4 birthdays in my family, for all you smarties out there yes that is one a week for about a month. So Last week was my youngest and most energetic sister Ken. This 10 year old is the smartest and oldest 10 year old I know. She will go up against anyone and has no fear. This little dearie would give you anything she had and is always thinking of others. I love you makenna, I am glad you are my sister. I love you.

ANd that brings us to today...

Camille, or millie as those who know her best call her is SEVENTEEN today. For some reason that seems to old for me. I can't believe little buba is seventeen. This dare I say woman is an amazing athlete, last year she was one of only three girls to hit a home run off the best pitcher in the state. She is a talented artist-seriously how come her had paints, sculpts and draws and my hand only doodles. And I think the best part is she looks A LOT like me. we both have the quirky eyebrow. Darling Millie, you are a sweetheart and I love you.

p.s. this is the only picture I had of mille, I will have to find another and post it later.

How lucky am I to have sisters.

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