the tip of the iceberg

Several People have tagged me and I am hesitant but here goes.

7 quirks about me!

1- I talk to myself- I know lots of people talk to themselves, but I have entire two person conversations with myself. example. I will be walking in a store talking with myself and notice people staring at me so then I say out loud not even realizing it "Why are all these people staring at me?" then I say "It is probably because you are talking to yourself." A sign of a true genius or someone that has lost their mind. I also find myself singing as I walk down the grocery store aisle.

2- I can't buy anything in an even numbered amount. I can buy one three five seven etc of something but it can't be an even amount. Sometimes this is out of my control and I have to buy only two and it bothers me for days after.

3- Every time I get out of the shower I have to dry off in the exact same order. I start with my face I have tried not drying my face several times but it bothers me so I always start with my face. then I dry my arms and the entire front of my body before I flip my head over to let my hair hang and then I dry my legs. After my legs I flip the towel over my back to dry it as well. I finish by twisting the towel over my hair.

4- I am extremely superstitious. For example this year I could not wear a BYU shirt to any football game, because I didn't do it for the first one. Nor could I watch the first 15 minutes of any game because we missed the first 15 min of the season opener. Also if I do something with my hands or say something before a play and BYU does well I have to do it for the rest of the game.

5- I make lists. My life does not feel organized unless I have them, I make them daily.

6- I am obsessed with my handwriting. I will start over on any type of handwritten item until I like my writing. I write all over everything for practice too. It is not just my handwriting alone. It is also my Signature. Chad will find entire sheets of paper with my autograph written on it over and over again.

7- I can not sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. I always have this fear that if someone breaks into our house and comes in the room they will take me first but if I am on the far side of the bed they have to get through chad. I do this everywhere I sleep, it makes no difference what side of the bed I am on as long as I am not by the door.

And there you have it folks, just a few of my quirks. I would like to say that I only have seven but sadly I could go on all day if I had to.

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jacksonhaleyandwarren said...

I agree fully with you about sleeping away from the door. Im the same way about the window. I love that Im not the only freak about it