Having sick kids is the pits. What is worse than sick kids you ask? Having each one of my kids take a turn being sick for an entire week, and not just any week mind you, the one week out of the year that I have a burst of New Year resolution energy. I feel like the "go get em" attitude I had Sunday night has been replaced with a sense of exhaustion from drawn baths, trips to the kitchen for drinks and snacks, and symptom checks via the Internet just to name a few. Yesterday I got excited to bring in the Garbage cans from off the street just for the 5 min break outside it gave me! I am thankful for somethings though e.g. Snuggling with little ones who usually won't let me, reading lots of books, making what I want for dinner because my kids have to stick to the BRAT diet and most of all realizing how truly tender and precious my kids are. Leave it to a week of throw up, diarrhea and fevers to make me the most thankful for my little ones...and for children's Motrin!

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