Milo and his randomness just keeps going and going. A few examples...

Milo wants an iTouch for Christmas. Since when did 3 year old a) know anything about electronics and b) know enough that they want one for Christmas.

We went on a train ride two nights ago to see Santa and when the engineer asked Milo who we were going to see he said "Jesus" and was a little upset when I told him we would not be seeing baby Jesus just Santa. Go figure, at least his heart is in the right place.

August was playing by Milo on the floor yesterday and I guess was bugging him because Milo turned to him and said, Gus, you are irritating me.

When Milo get's home from anything, no matter what time of day, the first thing he does is get back into his pajama's. Most days the only way I can get him dressed is to tell him when we get home he can put his PJ's back on.

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CAS said...

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