Gavin and the Garden

I would like to announce that Gavin finally caught up with the ice cream man, and it only took all Summer. That was the best $2 Popsicle ever.

Gavin started Kindergarten and just in time too. If I had to go another day with hearing the phrase "When is it time for Kindergarten?" I think I might have had a melt down.

Speaking of which Gavin had a melt down of his own the other day. The independent spirit that he is decided to make some toaster waffles and he said he didn't want any smoke to escape from the toaster so he put a plate on top of the toaster {a plastic plate} this is all that was left of his snack.


I posted a while back about my sad little garden, apparently the garden gods took pitty on me , I have since picked over 100 jalapenos and about 40 tomatoes from on plant each. What am I supposed to do with that many jalapenos {and don't say salsa! Everyone says that, and I am officially sick of salsa}

3 organic thoughts:

Mark said...

cute post.
gavins a stud.
so i have a yummy reciepe for you to try. although it is another chip dip. it's scruptious though and is scott's favorite. all it is is 2 jal. chopped up really fine. a can of whole corn and a cube/block of cream cheese. stir together and serve warm. so yummy with tortilla chips. you have to try it. that's pretty much all i use jal. for... sorry i'm much much help. let me know if you try it.

The Oylers said...

Dang you have cute boys! What unique personalities-how ever do you stand their cuteness? I sure do love you! love Lauralyn

PS You could always make Jalapeno Jelly!!

Emily Frame said...

i heard the bag lady needs some jalepenos... maybe have milo drop them off i am sure he'll handle that real well.