So I am not sure why this post has taken some time. Long story short, me and this partner in crime decided to open up shop on Etsy. We were really particular about packaging. And this is what we came up with.

Wouldn't you love to have everything you order online come cutely wrapped.



The Grammys were yesterday. For those of you who did not tune in. I will re-cap.

The theme of the evening was definitely COLLABORATION. Seriously, there were some random sets but also some great ones. Sir Paul played an oldy but goody with Dave Grohl on the drums. And if you are in to that kind of thing Taylor Swift dueted it with Miley Cyrus.

Highlights included Robert Plant and Allison Krauss winning record and song of the year. Thank goodness the people that get to vote have good taste, cuz if Lil' Wayne would have won I might have thrown something at my T.V.

A bittersweet moment was Kings of Leon losing out to Coldplay. Sad because again Kings of Leon lost, but happy because they will still be too awesome of mainstream.

Also give MIA huge points for performing in what can only be described as a maternity ladybug costume.

That is the Grammy's in a nut shell, also worth mentioning BLink-182 annouced that they are getting back together. Yeah!



So as much as we don't want to, every female is anticipating this coming Saturday. My question is what should I do for it. I always do something for Chad but this year I am not sure what to do. So I want some help from all of you. Please give me some ideas. Also what do you do for your kids, I want some cute ideas in that department as well. usually I have all this taken care of, but for some reason I am have creativity block.



I know it was a couple of weeks ago but this one was worth it for me. The first ever culture club for the Utah county chapter kicked off a few weeks ago. What a better way to soak of some than at the BYU Art Museum. I left feeling totally inspired. Dan Steinhilber has an exhibit right now that everyone should see. It makes you see the inner art in everything.

I am never throwing away my dry cleaning hangers again.

Me and one of my C.C. sisters

This piece is HUGE it takes up one whole end of the room.

The best piece for sure. Although when you go you will probably get into trouble for this move.

In another exhibit I found this gem. I love art with history behind it.

In a nutshell it was wonderful and I highly recommend it.

I have been super excited to post about this for a while now.

These are pictures of our kitchen.


And these are pictures of our kitchen


I love my kitchen now. This kitchen would still be stuck in 1992 if it weren'tfor our friend and favorite handyman.