My mom always had a way of making ordinary things special, it has always been one of my favorite things about her. I made sure I cataloged it in my brain under " how to be a good mom." I took this one from you darling...

Picnic on the Deck

I don't have patio furniture, but neither did we ever have it growing up, we simply took the kitchen table outside. I opted for a light card table.

Nothing makes dinner more special than table cloth and napkins {no we don't use a table cloth every night}

Chad's burgers and some Limonata make it summer: full force.

It took no extra time and was lots of fun, try it with your family.
~napkins from Ikea

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jacksonhaleywarrenandhaus said...

I love that part of being a mom. Its truely that small things they always talk about and remeber. Your such a fun and creative mom