I have had lots of different hair lengths in my lifetime. I always have this idea that if I don't change it so often that I will get into a rut, so every once in a while I do something different.

For several years now {maybe more} I have wanted a pixie cut. I have torn countless photos out of magazines and saved tons of photos from the web of versions I like.
Why have I not done it yet you ask? {Aside that it is a pretty big move} Two reasons really.

Reason number one being I do like my hair now. I love that it is wavy and effortless, people are always asking me how I get my hair to look the way it does and honestly I really only let it air dry. I read an article about a girl who liked her hair but gave in to peer pressure and cut it for a more trendy style and it took her years to get it back to something she liked again. I know that won't happen but if it isn't broke don't fix it right?

Reason number 2: Two years ago I dyed my hair dark. In the salon I liked it and when I got home to a husband that didn't my opinion changed and I hated it. Any woman that says they don't need there husbands approval is lying. EVERY woman wants to feel beautiful to her husband. Chad likes my hair long, obviously I don't think cutting my hair will change anything between Chad and I but it is something to think about.

So now I wonder what you think? Tell me what you would do & be honest I love hearing different opinions, and just so you know either way I have an appointment set for Saturday. yikes!

3 organic thoughts:

Brian and Katie said...

Don't do it! I like my hair when it is short but Brian likes it long. Right after we got married I cut it off thinking he would like it because he loved me. I was wrong, he didn't like it and he wasn't affraid to tell me. I haven't cut it that short since! Although, Sam did chop off her hair since she has been on her mission. She has never had it shorter than her shoulders, she loves it! She says it is so easy!

Annie said...

Do whatever brings you joy and happiness...

Aubree said...

WHat did you do?!?!?!