Back in the Saddle

I took a long Hiatus from the old blog, for no reason other than I was busy. A quick recap by numbers

27 -days without a post
1- new calling {activity days}

3-people that thought Chad was having an affair with a blonde chick, {until I turned around}
48- Number of wipes I pick off the floor each day due to Milo's addiction with them
4- times August surprised me with crawling and standing and walking along with couch all the the same week
3- reflections projects Gavin wants to enter
17- amount of times Milo has changed his mind about Halloween costumes
7- hours it took me to put up Halloween decorations
2- sick kids
300- times I wipes said kids noses
15- planning sessions with chad to decide what to do in Florida next week.
1349- number of times I have been ridiculously excited about the Holiday Bijou Market
1,000,000 - other things I did and can't remember

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